Peacemakers Challenge (5 Days)

Get ready to uncover lasting peace in your home or school.

Dr. Tenickia E. Polk presents
Peacemakers Challenge: The Fight for Peace!

Will you participate in sessions to learn practical strategies and tools, brain science, and most importantly the spiritual dynamics that must shift to obtain peace? 


Monday- Friday

August 28- September 1, 1 hour per day


This challenge helps parents, children and educators discern their emotions, set and reach goals for peace, and overcome bullying, sibling rivalry and victimization. 


Parents, Homeschoolers, Educators, Schools

Take time to equip your family, class or school with tools for Bible-based conflict resolution with God, self and others; how to deal with scorners; overcoming self-bitterness; overcoming anger; forgiveness; and more. Engage in real discussions to succeed wholly (spirit, soul, and body). Visit for more information.