JOG to Your Blessings Life and Business Planner PDF

God doesn’t bless every goal, but Godly Goals command a blessing. Habakkuk 2:1-2 talks of us writing the vision once we’ve been reproved by God. This JOG planner guides us in setting these Godly goals. We don’t have to manufacture our own blessings! This planner features over 100 pages, including 30 original practical designs to help you set goals God can turn into blessings concerning:
-Righteous living
-Monthly budget
-Daily to-do
-Tracking giving seeds
-Prayer, and more

“JOG to Your Blessings will offer you REAL SOLUTIONS and practical steps on making your new year just that, A NEW YEAR! Not only a NEW YEAR, but a NEW YOU in every area of your life.” –Pastor Jerome O. Holmes

Proverbs 16:3 reminds us to “Commit thy works unto the LORD and thy thoughts shall be established.”