Focus and Fun Journal/Planner for Kids

Are you looking for a journal for your child to help them focus while they have some fun while at it?

Do you desire your child to dig deep into their feelings and be capable of openly discussing what they feel so that they can grow emotionally?

If your answer is YES,

You’ve just discovered the ultimate journal for children to help them sort through their feelings so that they can have endless productive days and live as the best versions of themselves!

Contrary to what many people may believe, children go through many emotions, similar to adults. But unfortunately, they are less capable of handling them on the go without some sort of aid.

Dr. Tenickia E. Polk, an educator for more than 11 years and the author, aims to turn this around through this unique journal which offers the ultimate solution to help your child identify what they are feeling and deal with it right away!

More precisely, this book features:

  • Fun activities that are designed to help your child identify and discuss their feelings
  • Working spaces to help them identify why they feel what they may be feeling
  • The opportunity for your child to devise personal goals (whether educational or behavioral)
  • Each journal entry comes with a reflection section to help your child look back on their day/class
  • And  more!

Indeed, if you’ve been looking for a great journal for your child, then you’ve finally found it!