DIG In! Personal Growth Journal for Teens and Adolescents

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"DIG In!, a personal growth journal for teens and adolescents, provides thoughtful prompts, strategies, and guidelines for assisting students with decision making, personal reflections, goal setting, and positive growth as they develop into empowered adults. Author and educator Dr. Tenickia Polk presents a series of 12 lessons addressing a wide range of topics from personal desires to poor decisions to self-control to relationships. These student-friendly lessons help readers navigate the ups and downs of daily life with a simple reminder that the choices they make and the directions they choose are uniquely their own. Drawing on growth mindset qualities, research-based learner-centered principles, and encouraging self-discovery, DIG In! relies on practical questions, prompts, and scenarios to provide a strong and positive context in which students can share, reflect, and take the time needed to get to know themselves. Polk’s realistic and tenacious perspective shines through as she enables students to succinctly identify who they are, what they want, and how they can achieve it."

---Kelly Keane, Ed.D. Senior Lecturer Educational Technology Program Director School of Education Loyola University Maryland