Autoimmune Disease: Are You Allergic to Yourself? by Dr. Henry W. Wright

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The medical community has no idea why people get autoimmune diseases. They may try to manage the symptoms but they cannot offer any real solutions.

An autoimmune disease occurs when your body forms an immune response against its self. It begins to attack and kill its own healthy tissue as if it’s a foreign invader.

Is it possible that autoimmune diseases represent the fact that you may be allergic to yourself?

Could it be that you have a hard time accepting yourself?

It’s time to make peace with yourself and be recovered to who God created you to be.

In this teaching, Dr. Henry W. Wright addresses a startling revelation about the root issue behind autoimmune disease. He delves into the heart of the issue and offers real solutions using solid Biblical insights for your life. In addition, he provides ministry and prayer for healing at the end of this teaching.

Today, thousands of people are walking in health. They are free of autoimmune diseases because they applied the Biblical insights that they learned at Be in Health®. You can too!