Thriver Awards

Thriver Award/ ER for Survivors

The Thriver Award (formerly Emergency Relief for Survivors) is designed to encourage survivors of domestic abuse and to help them thrive. By providing a one-time financial emergency relief award, Community of Thrivers hopes to aid survivors/thrivers along their journeys and prevent re-victimization. Thriver awards are awarded based on the need for various expenses including childcare, medical needs, and utility bills.
Thriver Awards are also given to survivors/thrivers who have demonstrated a commitment to encouraging others concerning domestic violence prevention within their community. 

Meet some of our award recipients:
Alexis- Alexis is the mother of two sons, and is a survivor of domestic violence. Her ex-husband tried to stab her to death in her hometown. Alexis relocated to a new town with her sons to escape the abuse. Alexis secured a job in her new town but wasn't able to work long due to major health issues that began on the job. Her diagnosed disease prevented her from working. With no family to turn to in her new town she filed a disability claim. However, she needed help with bills until her case was settled. Alexis received a Thriver Award during this time of transition. She was later awarded social security disability and is now able to take care of her family.

Through Community of Thrivers guidance (using biblical Be In Health principles) in addressing the spiritual roots to disease, Alexis was also healed of asthma and able to get off of 11 medications under the care of her doctors. To God be the glory!

Keisha0 Keisha is the mother of two children, and a survivor of domestic violence.  She has a permanent protection order against her ex-husband. Her ex-husband is a wealthy man who has kept Keisha in a child custody battle for the past three years.

Keisha was a medical doctor in her native country and has even had a job offer to work as a medical doctor in Germany. If she moved to Germany, she'd be able to take care of her family, financially. However, her ex-husband has prevented her from moving her children to Germany because of the custody case. So Keisha worked her way through grad school and earned a Master's degree in public health so she would be gainfully employed here in the US. She obtained a job, but lost the job a year later due to her frequent days of work missed in court. Keisha has spent the last two years looking for another job. Her son needed oral surgery, but she needed to pay the doctor in advance to have the procedure complete. Keisha was given a Thriver Award, and her son was able to have the surgery. To God be the glory!