Welcome! Community of Thrivers is a ministry of Hope of the Generations Church, VA. We started this ACTS Global church gathering as a safe place for like-minded believers to learn and grow in Christ. Like Hope of the Generations, Thomaston, our mission is to establish generations of overcomers. We’ve overcome many hardships and disease through the Word of God, and by receiving healing from the Father. We have tasted the comfort of a submitted relationship with God, and we long to be the church God designs. Our gathering is modeled after the first century church in the Bible, including elements that many traditional churches seem to have forgotten. Hope of the Generations, Alexandria, VA is a place where everyone has an opportunity to edify and be edified on our open mic, in order. We don't have special testimony services or guest speakers, it is our way of life - how we do church based on 1 Corinthians 14:26. We are family in Christ.
We love to FELLOWSHIP, and we love to STUDY and grow in the Word of God. Being DOERS of the Word sustains us and is our sanity. The Holy Spirit never fails to provide us with a delicious and nutritious spiritual meal to break down strongholds and equip the saints. We also offer ministry outside of our gathering (to the world) with teachings and events through our 501(c)3 non-profit, Community of Thrivers, Inc. We'd absolutely love for you to join us on Sundays at 5PM and/or every first and third Fridays at 7PM for the Thrivers Club.
Be blessed,
Dr. Tenickia Polk, Pastor
Please note that Pastor Tenickia will be away on sabbatical through October 8th. Sunday worship service will resume on Sunday, October 15th at 5:00PM.


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